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Dear Church.....

Dear Church....

Pastor's Pen

Making the right decisions in life is a challenge for
anyone. To be guided by God is an amazing privilege.
When 21, I was completing an engineering
apprenticeship with no idea of the way forward. I had
committed my life to Jesus some six years before and
had seen how God had guided. But now I could not see
where, or what, God planned. So I asked my pastor if I
could speak with him one evening in the week.
At the time I was living in digs with a family. At
breakfast I never saw the husband because a large
newspaper he was reading vertically separated us
across the table. However, the day before I was going
to see the pastor, the paper lowered. “Well
Christopher. What are you going to do now?” Puzzled I
said “Go to work.” “No, no, no.” my landlord replied. “I
meant you are not going to stay at your present
employment are you? If I were a young man like you I
would do something like VSO” [Voluntary Service
Overseas]. The paper rose and once again he was

Later that morning at work my boss sidled over to me:
asked the same question, and then said “If I were a
young man like you I would do something like VSO.”

That evening I was chatting with one of my college
lecturers, who I knew well, at his home. He had a habit
of starting to drop hints if he thought I was
overstaying my welcome. This particular evening the
question he asked was one I had heard twice before
that day. I stayed put. And was not wholly surprised to
hear “If I were a young man like you I would do
something like VSO.”
The subsequent chat with the pastor was simply
relating how God had guided the previous day. Just
before the Christmas I was being interviewed in
London by VSO. Nine months later I was lecturing in
engineering in Mombasa in Kenya!!

Chris LeBreton

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