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Dear Church.....

Dear Church....

Pastor's Pen

Did you or any of your children or grandchildren have a comfort blanket when you were small?
I remember various nieces having them and they all had different names. One was a “Dom”, one a “La La”, another a
“Mum Mum”. Even Geoff had a piece of blanket called a “Brown Blank” and yes, I did get his permission to reveal this.
In fact it is still in a box in the loft along with a baby hairbrush and other sentimental items.
Why did we have them (or teddies etc.). They obviously gave us comfort and security, a substitute for our
mother’s arms.

Hopefully we have grown out of them, but we all need to feel that comfort and security. Sometimes alas, we as hu-
mans let one another down, but I know a Man who

never lets us down, God himself.
We have wonderful images of God in the Bible “sheltering us under his wings” or “gathering us in His arms”, close to
His heart, like sheep.
In the well known Psalm 23 v 4 it says: “your rod and staff they comfort me”. Even better, in Isaiah 66 v 13 we are
told “As a mother comforts her child, so I will comfort you”. What a promise!
Not only are we comforted by God, but we are to comfort others too. You can find this instruction in 2 Cor Ch 1 v 3-
7 and in Phil Ch 2 v 1-11. Perhaps you would like to look these up for yourself.
If you are feeling in need of comfort, look no further, turn to God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ and may you
be blessed whatever your circumstances.

Glenys (Payne)

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