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Dear Church.....

Dear Church....

Pastor's Pen

How does T.L.C . grab you as a vision for living and learning? It is the ‘logo/motto’ of our granddaughter’s Junior School. I hope you’ll agree we, in Hephzibah, could gain from adopting something closely similar.

The T is for Thinking with Thanksgiving. They encourage each pupil to appreciate their gifts and consider them as a blessing from God. (Yes, it is a Church of England School.) To that end they covenant to try to reach three goals. I like that modesty: no boasting of ‘We can do it!’, but a commitment to make a conscious effort. Each pupil agrees to try [1] to use their gifts wisely, [2] to see the good in themselves and others and [3] to think beyond the obvious. How often do we even attempt [2] on their list?

The L is for Learning with Love. This is more an ambition. They commit to discovering and developing attitudes that generate hope for the future. Surely in the Broad Haven context it will bring immediate blessings. The programme calls for everyone to try [1] to learn from their own mistakes, [2] to forgive themselves and others and [3] to love learning together. Again I feel [2] is significant ~ especially forgiving ourselves. If God can forget our sins why can’t we let them go?

So, to the C for Caring with Compassion. “Following Jesus example, respecting and valuing differences in our community we will try [1] to be a good friend, [2] respect and look after the environment, and [3] seek opportunities to help those in need.” Are we ready to take that on?

Purloined by David Pusey from Horndean C of E Junior School.

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