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Mission trip to South Africa

The team will be starting their adventure tomorrow, Monday, April 10th. They are very thankful that sufficient funds have been raised to cover their costs and provide some extra spending money where needed. We pray for them as they travel and as they step into a different world. We look forward to hearing of their experiences when they return at the end of April.

Lucy, Olivia, Hannah, Ruth and Meirion all bring their own gifts to the team and the work they will be asked to do; and they all have their individual needs, which are known to God. We can and will support them in our prayers. God bless you all.
Havens Festival

You may be surprised or sad to know that this year there is no Haven's Festival as such, but because the Teddy Bear's Picnic has always been successful and we do have quite a few visitors coming, I have been asked if we were having one at Broad Haven during the holiday as normal. I have thought about it a lot and really feel that it is entirely dependent on what help there is around. We would need a team of people --- for making small bites to eat, to help with planning, ideas people, practical people to get resources ready, help on the day and some prayers. If we have these people ready and willing then it could go ahead. So it is 'up to you!' Please talk with me, in person, by phone, on email if you can offer help BUT we would need to know by Saturday 15th April at the latest. Thank you, Maggie
Is God prompting you?

At Broad Haven we want to be an even more welcoming
church and the Pastoral Team have been considering how we
can be this. Pastoral Care at Broad Haven could be as varied
as: praying for people from the comfort of your armchair;
ensuring that Beyond Sunday is printed and available for
Sunday morning; getting tables and chairs out in the village
hall; or decorating the hall to make it more welcoming.
Whether you are a teenager or an 80 year old there could
be a role for you…

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